The Best 5 AI Prompt Generators For Any AI Tool

Lê Quốc Thái / April 19, 2024

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The Best 5 AI Prompt Generators For Any AI Tool

Stuck writing AI prompts? Can't get the output or response you need? Try an AI prompt generator instead.
Using an AI tool like ChatGPT isn't just about firing off random questions. The real key is learning to ask for exactly what you want so the chatbot can understand and respond best.

Now, don't worry if you're not a prompt master yet. That's where AI prompt generators come in, and we have rounded up the best five you should check out.

1. PromptPerfect (

Prompt Perfect is one tool that stands out for me on this list. I love its unique dual approach that seamlessly combines a Prompt Optimizer and a dedicated Assistant feature. This combo packs a powerful one-two punch, ensuring you can craft prompts with laser precision tailored exactly to your needs.

The Prompt Optimizer is like having your prompt craftsperson meticulously sculpt the perfect instructions based on the specifics of what you need. Just describe your use case—writing, coding, or any other task—and the Optimizer takes it from there. If you need to refine things further, you can engage in back-and-forth dialogue, answering follow-ups or providing extra details until that prompt is truly dialed in and captures your vision to a tee.

For instance, I fed it a simple starter prompt:

You're a novelist crafting an opening chapter to hook the reader immediately. Set the scene by describing a character waking up somewhere unsettling.

I found the Optimizer's initial take was pretty solid.
However, I felt that adding more details could enhance the prompt's effectiveness. Following the Optimizer's suggestions, I incorporated additional information, which resulted in a more comprehensive and robust prompt than the original version.

PromptPerfect may continue suggesting additional details to refine the prompt further, but ultimately, you have the discretion to determine whether the current level of information is sufficient for your needs.

The process becomes even more intriguing after finalizing your prompt with the Optimizer. At this point, you can paste the prompt into the built-in AI Assistant chat box in PromptPerfect and test the output before running it in your preferred AI tool.

2. FeeDough (

While FeeDough's interface may not be as polished as PromptPerfect, it still does an excellent job. FeeDough offers a dedicated prompt generator for ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

The ChatGPT Prompt Generator is designed to optimize the prompts you craft in your own words, making them as detailed as possible to elicit the best responses. The generated prompts aren't limited to ChatGPT but can work equally well with other AI chatbots like Claude, Gemini, and Copilot.

When I fed FeeDough the same prompt I gave PromptPerfect, it spat out a detailed prompt that accurately captured all the nuances and contextual information I would have loved to convey. It seemed better than that of PromptPerfect.

However, FeeDough doesn't have an integrated AI tool or assistant that I could use to test the prompt. Fortunately, this isn't a major issue as long as you have a preferred AI chatbot that you're already familiar with and can use.

FeeDough also provides an array of pre-crafted prompts you can use if they align with your intended goal. Scroll past the Generate button to find prompt instructions that might suit your needs.

If you're specifically looking to generate prompts for Midjourney, select the Midjourney Prompt Generator tab. Here, you can enter a simple prompt in the Idea text box to describe the image you want to generate. Below, a dropdown menu allows you to specify the desired orientation—Square, Horizontal, or Vertical—for the image prompt.

Like the ChatGPT prompt generator, you'll find several Midjourney prompt instructions further down the page that you can use.

The Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator works similarly to the Midjourney option but lacks the orientation dropdown menu. You can browse and utilize any custom prompts it offers if they align with your goals.

3. PromptStorm (Chrome Extension) (

PromptStorm is a free Chrome extension that adds a toolbar to ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini. Download the PromptStorm extension and add it to your Chrome browser to get started.

So, when you open, say, ChatGPT, you'll notice a lightning bolt icon on the right side of the screen.

Click on that, and the PromptStorm sidebar will appear, presenting you with a Select a Category dropdown box, followed by a Subcategory. Let's say you select the General Writing subcategory under the Writing category. PromptStorm will then ask you to Select a Prompt to write or proofread with AI recommendations.

If you choose I want to write, it will guide you through a series of prompts to specify your writing goals, such as desired word count, writing style, tone, and more.

As you answer each prompt, PromptStorm will dynamically build the corresponding writing prompt in ChatGPT's text box. Once you've filled in all the key details, click the ChatGPT enter button, and it will generate a tailored response based on the crafted prompt.

PromptStorm offers another nifty feature that can save you valuable time and effort. Instead of manually typing out different prompts from scratch, you can leverage its library of pre-built template prompts tailored for various tasks.

Click the Search box next to Categories to search for a wide range of prompt templates. Once you find a template matching your needs, PromptStorm will automatically populate the prompt in the ChatGPT text box.

4. Reliablesoft (

With Reliablesoft, you can craft compelling prompts for your preferred AI chatbot, which also generates text and images. Once on the Reliablesoft website, locate the text box under Generate a prompt for... This is where you'll enter the core idea or concept for the prompt you want to create.

Before generating, click the Configure button to customize your request. You can choose one, three, or five prompt ideas and select the desired writing tone for the generated prompts.

Once you've entered your prompt idea and configured your preferences, click the Generate Prompt button. Reliablesoft will present you with the requested prompt ideas in a few seconds. If you opt for multiple options, review them and copy the one that resonates most with you.

5. ChatGPT in AIPHOGPT.COM Bot Template

ChatGPT isn't just great for engaging in natural conversations; it can also be an incredibly useful AI prompt generator for all sorts of applications. Thanks to this bot can help you create any prompts, you can use this prompt to generate AI prompts for any specific task, such as text, image, and code generation by following this link: